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Wednesday, 26 June 2013



Many patients who come to me seem to expect the impossible - well almost!. By God's grace or by Dr.Hahnemann's grace, often homeopathy delivers. This is a case which I saw on 24th June at 2:00pm. 

S.P. A frail young man of 32 yrs walked into my clinic supported by his wife. As he was helped into the chair by his wife, his condition was obvious - alcohol induced hepatitis with possibility of cirrhosis and pancreatitis.  His history was short and unremarkable. Hooked onto alcohol since the age of 16 yrs, he required 5 quarters (almost a liter) of Rum (or any other cheap liquor) a day. He has been passing malaena  (digested black blood) since 2 days and now frank blood instead of stools since 18 hours. He suffered from intense burning pains in stomach < night with intense thirst for small quantities of cold water. He could not tolerate food and vomited anything including water which was blood tinged. O/E Pulse 110/min; BP 100/60. Tenderness over the epigastrium. Tremors in hands and feet. Sclera yellow. Puffy face. Redness of MM of mouth. Skin waxy yellow..
INVESTIGATIONS: Hb 9.9gm%, WBC count 21330/; Polymorphs-88% Lymphocytes 12%. HIV - nonreactive; HBsAg - nonreactive; Bilirubin (T)-5.0 mg% Direct-3.2mg%, GOT 121 IU/Lt; GPT 148 IU/Lt, Alkaline Phosphatase: 405 IU/Lt, Proteins 7.4gm/dl; Albumin 3.6gm/dl; A/G ratio 0.9. SERUM AMYLASE: 118 IU/Lt.  Bleeding time: 4mins 30secs; Clotting time: 5mins 40secs; Prothrombin time: 17 seconds; INR 1.4.  USG showed 1. Early pancreatitis; 2. Hepatosplenomegaly 3. Small gallstones.

The prescription was Arsenic Alb in high potency and Angelica Q 10 drops to be repeated every 30 mins four times, later every 2 hrs till 9:00pm. The patient to report for follow-up next day at 12 noon. Advised liquid diet, Rice water and Coconut water. Iced milk in small quantity infrequently. Angelica Q is a drug which is reputed to cause aversion to alcohol, hence was included in the prescription. My hunch was proved right as the patient admitted on the third day!

25th June 1:00pm: Patient walked into my room briskly and sat before me with a wide smile. He proclaimed he was 75% better - no vomiting, no malena or blood in stools. The weakness was much relieved and he could walk up the 14 stairs to my clinic without help from his wife.
Pulse- 98/min; BP 110/60
The medicines were continued for another 24 hrs.

26th June 12:00 am: Patient comfortable and taking normal food  Despite his precarious condition he confessed that last night he had gone out to meet his close friend who was drinking in a near-by `bar'- their regular meeting place. Hearteningly the smell of alcohol made him nauseous and he returned home!! Dosage reduced to 4 hourly repetition.

4th July 6:00 pm.  Patient decided to take a second opinion from an allopathic physician, later came to show me the blood report he was advised.  Bilirubin (T): 4.1mg%; Direct 1.9mg%
Alkaline phosphatase 306 IU/Lt. Patient says he has no major complaints except mild discomfort in the epigastrium.

The patient is out of the woods so to speak and whether he remains healthy and alcohol-free only time will tell. I present this as an acute case of G.I. tract bleeding - the same I will follow for a  year before I can claim a complete cure.

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