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Friday, 14 June 2013

Homeopathy in common recurrent infections

I have already put up several cases of severe and intractable Lower Respiratory Tract Infections cured with Homeopathy. I will now illustrate how Urinary tract infections can be treated with our system.

11-06-2013. Case 1. Miss B.L. aged 12 years weighing just 38kg at 4 feet 11 inches height, has been suffering from recurring urinary tract infections since 3 years. Repeated hospitalization for investigations and higher antibiotics finally drove them to homeopathy. Her complaints - Fever since 8 days- chill followed by heat< night. Shaking chills in the evening followed by burning heat- even breath feels hot. Thirstless heat during. Severe generalized headache during fever. The tongue is white with red tip. Patient complains of extreme exhaustion and is unable to stand or sit. She had been hospitalized for 6 days, treatment was given as per the results of the Urine Culture report  with no improvement. Temp 101*F

Investigations: Hb 11.1gm%; WBC count: 8780/ Polymorphs 69%, Lymphocytes 26%, Monocytes 3%, Eosinophils 2%. Widal test- S.Typhi reactive in 1:120 diln. Urine: albumin- traces, Sugar- nil. Microscopy- Pus cells 60-80/hpf, Bacteria ++

Repertorisation threw up an unusual remedy for this condition - Arsenic Alb. The remedy was given in 1M potency repeatedly for 3 days along with placebo

17-06-2013: Patient is afebrile. Urine continues to burn.

18-06-2013. No fever since 36 hrs. Patient is asymptomatic. Urine microscopy shows only occasional pus cells.
Placebo was continued for 7 days and repeat examination showed clear urine.

I mention this case because the patient had been hospitalized several times during the last three years besides being treated as an out-patient for the same complaint, pointing to a drug resistant infection. I ignored the positive Widal test since Typhoid is endemic in this area, hence it shows an old infection with persisting S typhi `O' titre.

01-06-2013 Case no 2. Mrs N.K.aged  48yrs- widow.
Severe recurrent urinary infection now chronic since two months.  She complained of severe cramping pains in the lower abdomen, sometimes shifting to other parts. The cramping in the urinary bladder and tenesmus-like pains persisted after urination. The urine was thick, purulent and offensive, passed in small quantities with scalding during passage. Sensation as if some urine was left behind after urination. The patient was referred to a Urologist but a relative who knew about me brought her to my clinic.

USG shows swelling at the neck of the bladder with residual post evacuation urine - 50ml.
Urine: albumin 1 plus, Sugar: nil. Pus cells 100-120/hpf, Bacteria ++, Mucus threads +

 Merc Viv 1M 2 doses followed by Cannabis Sativa 30 4 doses a day for 3 days.

03-06-2013 Patient called to say she is much better. Pain and scalding of urine much less. No cramping pains in abdomen.

13-06-2013. Patient is more or less asymptomatic. But today a mild cramp in the left side of the abdomen. Urine examination is clear. Cannabis Sat 30 thrice daily for 4days.

14-06-2013. Patient called to say she is perfectly OK. The sensation of urine remaining after voiding is no longer there. I will repeat USG after another 5 days.

02-07-2013. Patient reported at the clinic. No complaints. USG normal, Urine NAD. 

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