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Saturday, 20 June 2015


13-05-2015. Mr.S.G.A. aged 50yrs approached me with Chest pain and fever of 2 days duration. Patient was unable to give any significant history except that he had taken treatment for a corn on the left foot some months ago. The pain was sore and continuous - no significant modality. X-ray chest revealed a large mediastinal mass in front of the cardiac shadow and L. pleural effusion. Blood tests showed: Hb 13.3gm%; WBC count- 18,110/; Polymorphs 80%, Lymphocytes 18%, Eosinophils 2%. My presumption was `enlarged lymph nodes'. An appointment for C-T scan was taken for the next day and simillimum in 200th potency was given till then.


15-05-2015. CT scan reveals a huge (6.0X5.2 cms) mediastinal abscess with Left Pleural effusion. WBC total count 10,200/; P 75%, L 22%, E 3%. The patient was having mild fever and chest pain persisted. Though the patient claimed that his chest pain had decreased I decided to continue the simillimum.

22-05-2015. X-ray chest shows no change in the mediastinal shadow. However patient was afebrile and did not complain of Chest pain.

25-05-2015. Patient has no complaints except a mild cough. O/E RS - Dullness in mediastinal region and L. lower chest with decreased air entry.

29-05-2015. Mild dry cough. No other complaints. O/E.  RS - Air entry good on both sides. I now decided to give a deep acting remedy to complete the cure and remove the pathology.

18-06-2015. Patient has no complaints. X-ray shows remarkable improvement with reduction in density and size of the mediastinal shadow. Attached below are the series of X-rays, reports and CT scan report.