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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A wonderful acute case which can showcase the miracles one can perform with Homeopathy.

18-09-2013.Miss P.H aged 4 yrs was brought into my OPD with a huge cervical (neck) swelling extending from near her left ear to her clavicle. The swelling was intensely painful and had appeared in just two days. She also had fever since three days. The neck region was angry red and the spasm of the Sternocleido mastoid muscle had caused her head to turn to the left. The fever was more at night but continuous. High fever at night with muttering delirium. The child was refusing food and water since 3 days.
Hb 9.9gm%; WBC TC 33950/ Polymorphs 95% and  Lymphocytes 5%.

Not many symptoms to go by but Belladonna was clearly indicated and given in high potency every 2 hours for two days.

21-09-2013. On follow-up the fever and swelling persisted with intense pain. I gave her 10 doses of Merc-i-r 200 at 2 hourly intervals followed by Belladonna again at 2 hourly intervals. My decision to continue my treatment with a little change was based on the blood counts.
WBC TC 15640/ Polymorphs 76% Lymphocytes 20% Monocytes 1% Eosinophils 3%.

24-09-2013. Child was brought - no fever since 2 days. Pain and swelling subsided almost to normal. The child permitted me to examine her for the first time without discomfort.

Many inferences can be drawn in this case and some very popular myths on Posology proved  wrong!!! I would like my students to give me their inferences on this case.