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Friday, 10 August 2012



Baby D.P. aged 3 years was referred by a local surgeon who was treating the baby for more than 8 days for Left sided Pyothorax/empyema (burst lung abscess after pneumonia). Pus continued to flow unabated from the inter-costal drain inserted into the child’s chest cavity. This condition is fatal if not quickly controlled. Higher antibiotics had had little or no effect in controlling the infection. The baby’s health continued to deteriorate until the surgeon thought it fit to try Homeopathy, having heard of my experience in treating similar cases of antibiotic resistant infections. At the time of referral the child’s general health was poor with chills and high grade fever.
X-ray Chest showing L.pyothorax with intercostal drain. Day 1 of treatment

Baby D.P. with L intercostal drain - day 10. In Dr.Kowshiks clinic.

The pus from the drain was thick yellow, blood streaked, viscid and offensive. Despite the general cachexia the child was remarkably hungry. Based on the child’s symptoms the indicated homeopathic remedy was prescribed at 2 hourly intervals for the first day, later 4 times a day for 5 days. All allopathic treatment was stopped during this period. The inter-costal drain was retained. The child showed positive response within 24 hours and continued to improve without a hitch till complete recovery took place. The first X-rays taken on 28-02-2011 shows the heavy infection with pus exudate in the left chest cavity.The 2nd X-ray below, shows empty chest cavity with some fibrosis at the base of the lung. The X-rays demonstrate the child’s remarkable recovery in just 12 days. 

X-ray on day 12 - Chest cavity clear. ICD still in place.

The child continued to improve and was discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home. This remarkable recovery demonstrates how fast Homeopathy acts and should dispel any negative criticism of the doubting Thomas’s about the efficacy of Homeopathy. Is it any wonder that many patients say that Homeopathy can work miracles? This baby was almost lost and was brought back from the brink in less than 15 days!
I will soon post a couple of video cases that demonstrate the `miraculous’ cures that take place with Homeopathy. There is no miracle taking place, it is just that people, fixated with modern medicine find it difficult to accept an (often) better, faster and more gentle mode of treatment. The surgeon who referred this case to me and his family have become my regular patients and believers of Homeopathy.


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