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Monday, 6 August 2012

In my website I have published a topic `CAN HOMEOPATHY TREAT ALL TYPES OF CASES'.   It was not only a subject for future and present Homeopaths to mull over, but also a warning for what I felt was to come. My worst fears have come true. We now have a certain prominent Homeopath from Mumbai, India, who claims to treat congenital disorders. This means correcting deformities. To correct a physical deformity, it requires that the persons body part must change shape or grow to a natural length and shape which it has been unable to for various reasons, chiefly genetic. Certain toxins and drugs ingested by a pregnant mother may also have a similar effect. In such cases it would be a herculean task to decide whether a particular deformity is purely a genetic variation, a mutation, or a toxin effect. In any case, since the genetic code has suffered an injury (if I may say so), to make this deformed part change shape and grow naturally would be beyond the purview of any system of medicine. It would require genetic engineering at a mind boggling level. To claim that Homeopathy can change a genetic code or structure would require laboratory infrastructure at the level of the N.I.H. in the United States of America or elsewhere. That gullible followers of this Homeopathic doctor can believe such trash based on `Photographic evidence' shows their immaturity and the dangerous levels to which they can stoop to defame this glorious system of medicine. Such irresponsible behavior may justify and strengthen the hands of all those who wish to ban Homeopathy from the health care system.

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