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Friday, 17 August 2012


Baby girl M.J. aged 3 years was admitted with a pediatrician for 3 days with chills and high grade fever. Her blood tests on the first day were normal. The doctor suspecting Dengue, requested for the NS1 Antigen test on 14th Aug which turned out positive. The next day when the blood cell counts were repeated, there was a sudden dip in the platelet count to 1.21 Lakhs/ul. The patient was immediately referred to a referral hospital 80 kms away. On hearing of my experience in handling such cases the parents of the child approached me on 15th Aug. at 8:30 pm. Homeopathic medicines were administered immediately and the child called in next day for follow-up. On 16-08-2012, 2:30pm less than 24hrs after her Homeopathic treatment was started, her platelet count was up at 2.06 Lakhs/ul and White cell count 9000/ The child was  quite healthy and afebrile. Her mother was happy that the girl was now asking for food of her choice, showed no toxicity and had begun to sit up and play.

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