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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


As an adjunct to what I had said on my previous blog on this topic of  `CAN HOMEOPATHY CURE ALL TYPES OF CASES', I am presenting this case of Cholelithiasis (Gall stones).

Mr.A.M.P came to me on 11-10-2012 with moderate icterus and pain in the Liver region. No h/o fever, vomiting. The patient had obvious jaundice and had been seen by a surgeon and diagnosed as a case of Gall stones in the CBD with obstructive jaundice. His Total Bilirubin: 6.9mg%; Direct Bilirubin: 3.8mg%; Alkaline Phosphatase: 224 IU/Lt.

With very few symptoms to go by, the indicated remedy was Chelidonium which I gave in the 30th potency -  a dose every 6 hours for three days. on 16/10/2012 he reported that he was feeling much better. The icterus had certainly diminished.

17/10/2012 - the patient reported that he was relieved of his complaints. His tests were repeated.
Total Bilirubin: 2.8mg%; Direct Bilirubin: 1.6mg%; Alkaline Phosphatase: 184 IU/Lt.
At this juncture I had proved my point that Homeopathy can help in such cases, but I was not under any delusion that the obstruction (14mm stone at the distal end of the CBD along with multiple large stones in the Gall bladder) had dissolved or passed through. I repeated the USG and my suspicion was confirmed. I referred the patient for an ERCP procedure to a Surgeon.

Homeopaths cannot and must not go on symptoms alone. The patient then revealed that he had a similar attack five years ago and produced the old USG reports which were identical to the present!! This is  another lesson for all homeopaths - the limitations of case-taking. Despite all your experience, it will do you good to remember that you will know only what the patient chooses to reveal!  By referring the patient for a procedure, I had done what is ethically and morally expected of me. I refrained from claiming a fictitious cure based on symptoms and I had probably saved the patient from a more severe episode of jaundice, infection and unimaginable suffering. Such patients will always remain grateful to the physician for being balanced and practical and to Homeopathy for having prepared him for the unavoidable endoscopic procedure.

To conclude,.discretion must take the better part of valor. As in this case, surgery can be your victory in defeat. 

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