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Monday, 15 October 2012

Diarrhea cured with Phosphorus

PHOSPHORUS - be prepared for the unexpected

Baby C.S. - 5 month old female infant, resident of Belgaum, was admitted with a local Pediatrician since 4 days with fever and diarrhea. The mother (a native of Gokak, had come here to visit her mother when the baby took ill) approached me asking whether I could treat her baby as they were fed up with repeated admissions for treatment of cough, cold, diarrhea and so on. In the last three months the baby had been admitted to hospital 4 times on one pretext or the other. It was obvious to me that these are hospital borne infections, difficult to cure. I took up the challenge. I insisted that the baby be discharged and brought to me. I am averse to treating patients clandestinely in other doctors care. The issue being, firstly I must accept full responsibility for my patient. Secondly the patient must be left with no doubt that the cure was entirely and solely homeopathic.

Monday 4 pm. 15-10-2012  
Baby was brought to my clinic with mild fever 101*F and grade 2 dehydration. The baby was passing stools with no pain - thin, almost watery, pouring out, no odour, flaky yellow at times. The frequency was every 15 - 20 mins 1/4th cup at a time. My first prescription was Croton tig 200 in water repeated every hour. Baby put on ORS with instruction not to feed her anything else.

Monday 7 pm 15-10-2012
The mother rushed into my clinic saying the baby's diarrhea was worse. Now it was oozing out of the anus- thin, watery, choleric and continuous without an interval. The two drugs that came to my mind were Apis and Phosphorus (the rubric Rectum: Anus open). The baby was thirsty and accepting ORS. Hence Phosphorus 200 in water was started immediately at 15 mins intervals X 8 times. I asked the mother (now accompanied by 6 members of the family) to sit in my waiting room. The anxiety was too much for the young mother who called up a very well-known pediatrician in the Medical college hospital in Belgaum. The gentleman was very nice and spoke to me asking me if I was confident of treating the case. I answered in the affirmative, I assured him the baby would be alright within an hour. He then spoke to the mother and calmed her down assuring her that the treating doctor (myself) was confident about the case in hand.
8:15 pm : The baby had passed only two motions, thin yellow, quantity much less
9:00 pm : Baby was alert and looking around, smacking her lips asking for her feed. ORS continued. No fever.
9:45 pm: Baby alert, the `light' had returned to her eyes. She was now looking around, following the movement of mother and relatives around her. Only one very scanty (1 tsf) motion had been passed. The stools were still watery, no fecal matter seen. I asked the mother to take the baby home and report next day 10:00 am. Reduced dose to 1/2 hourly till the mother or baby slept, whichever happened first.
Tuesday 16-10-2012 10:30 am
Baby cheerful and looking perfectly o.k. No motions passed since last night. I asked the mother to start the infant on cows milk + water in 50:50 proportion. Medicine to continue at 2 hourly intervals till normal motions were passed. Then to start breast feeding.
7:00 pm
Grandfather came to report that the baby is well and taking feeds. No fever or diarrhea.

I consider this diarrhea cured. I will now work on the immunity of this infant which has been repeatedly subject to hospital borne highly resistant infections. At 5 months the baby has been doused with higher antibiotics and steroids repeatedly hence I warned the mother and relatives that total cure will be slow - may be 3 months or more; they should expect minor niggling ailments before total restoration of health. One more victory for Homeopathy and one more family converted to our glorious system!! It is this last that gives me the greatest pleasure!
To cure such cases a firm understanding of Homeopathic principles, posology and skillful use of the repertory along with the ability to recognize key symptoms and convert them to appropriate rubrics is absolutely essential. The truth of successful posology stands exposed in the last two cases I have posted. 

18th May 2013:  The baby came to my clinic 3 days ago with a mild coryza and cough. The diarrhea has never recurred since the last 5 months and the baby never needed any medical care till now. Placebo prescribed for three days.

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