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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Homeopathy is as relevant today as it was 200 years ago. Homeopathy was born out of the confusion and chaos created by medical practitioners of that era. In their pursuit of naming diseases (often after themselves), they invented fanciful disease entities along with treatment regimens by which they claimed phenomenal cures; despite the patient often succumbing to the treatment itself! Is this not quite similar to today’s milieu? With rising resistance to antibiotic therapy, the shaky edifice of bacteria as the cause of almost all diseases is about to turn unprofitable because the MNC’s are yet to provide an alternative. 

Diagnostics will remain a poor stop-gap until everybody realizes it is only a distraction in the absence of credible treatment. So now it is onto Genetics and gene therapy, God forbid. It is a shame that some crafty Homeopaths have taken this route, preying on the gullibility of the common man and the desperate yet pathetic necessity of a few ill-informed students of Homeopathy to sound scientifically modernized. Today when many diseases are either linked to lifestyle, stress and pollution, Homeopathy today is capable of providing cost-effective treatment for most of the diseases that plague humanity. It has no harmful side-effects, is easy to administer even to unconscious patients and can be stored and transported without maintaining a cold chain. Once a proper homeopathic cure is established, the patient can enjoy long periods of perfect health.

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