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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


It is well known that the incidence of diseases (especially water borne) and epidemics has drastically come down due to increased awareness of hygiene, sanitation and water purification. This has resulted in decrease in communicable diseases, epidemics and increased life expectancy. However a flip side to this progress has evolved. There is a slow emergence of whole new categories of diseases. Life style diseases, diseases due to pollution and diseases of old age.

Lifestyle diseases are especially precipitated by sedentary life style, bad food habits and stress. The increased ingestion of carbohydrates, fats and the decrease in the fiber content in our diet has precipitated obesity and obesity related problems. These require a change in diet and lifestyle but the patient can benefit from taking the assistance of Homeopathy to quell stress and treat conditions like bulimia. It is remarkable to see the effects of stress and material desires due to peer pressure on children, even as young as 4-5 years. Dr.Kowshik specializes in de-stressing children from the effects of such conditions especially pre-exam tension. Old age problems are more complex and require a multi-focal approach. However patients do benefit from homeopathy where memory loss, senility and conditions like osteoporosis - osteoarthritis is concerned. Especially constipation of old age and senile pruritus can be easily treated with Homeopathy.

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