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Friday, 17 April 2015

Serial study of Pneumonia/Bronchopneumonia 25 cases

I was invited by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences - Bangalore, to present a paper on evidence based Homeopathy on 10th April 2015. I presented a serial study of 25 cases of Pneumonia/Broncho-pneumonia with X-rays and Blood counts (before and after 10 days of treatment). This Karnataka State University is the one which confers all medical graduation degrees to students of all branches of medicine and also regulates post-graduate education. It was a great honor for me and my college Bharatesh Homeopathic Medical college where I am part of the faculty as a Lecturer in Materia Medica. The paper was very well received by students of homeopathy, P.G. students, faculty of various colleges from all over Karnataka as well as distinguished guests which included the Vice-chancellor of RGUHS, Vice-chancellor of Vivekananda Yoga University, Prof C.R.Chandrashekar (B.C.Roy awardee) and others. It was a great day for Homeopathy because I think it was the first time an authentic serial study has been presented in a scientific form in this manner anywhere in the world. I plan to collect 500 such cases for documentation and study.

Here I am publishing the statistical analyses of the results of my treatment of the cases treated during a period of two months. No cases were eliminated or included to influence the results - this is a serial study. It may be noted that not a single case needed admission to a hospital, no death took place and no IV fluids or anti-biotics were used during the course of Homeopathic treatment.

It is not possible to publish the X-rays and original reports (they were displayed at RGUHS) as it would be too voluminous for publication besides it would reveal the identity of my patients for which I do not have their permission. However self-explanatory Graphs and a patients chart has been included for authenticity. The patients recovery is demonstrated from the blood counts where it is evident from the before/after chart, that the patients have been cured. Also it may be noted that most of the patients improved clinically within 48 hrs of starting the treatment and were asymptomatic within 4 days. Only a couple of cases required treatment beyond 10 days. It may also be noted that of these 25 cases, 6 cases were referred to me by doctors of modern medicine, 1 case was referred by a Pediatrician. I have also decided not to reveal the drugs used, since this blog may be taken as a reference for treating such cases, which it is not intended to be. However all details were divulged and analyzed at the RGUHS seminar. Two cases discontinued treatment as the parents felt that the children were asymptomatic. The families of these cases continue to come to me for other ailments, hence I am in a position to monitor their status clinically- they remain healthy. One case `Swaroop J' continues treatment since he has an almost chronic consolidation (14 months duration) which is responding slowly to treatment. This case I have taken as not cured since it is incomplete.


The  case of Pulmonary Kochs consolidation was confirmed through sputum examination for AFB and was then referred back to the pediatrician who had sent it to me, hence does not figure in the graph below. One case has been listed as a partial cure since the Pneumonia itself has resolved but has left behind a L. Apical bulla. Treatment continues as on 18th April 2015.



CBC on 1st day
Samarth G
HB 11.9 WBC 13400/ P69/L30/M1
Hb 11.5 WBC 8100/ P54/ L40/M4/E2
Laxman K
Hb16.6; WBC 17750/ P75/L25
Hb 15.0 WBC 10100/; P65/L30/M2/E3
Samanyu G
Hb 10.2; WBC 12500/; P71/L29
Hb 9.0, WBC 8000; P62/L31/M4/E3
Shrilaxmi G.
Hb 11.9, WBC 11200/ P81/L19
Hb 10.8 WBC7100/ P66/L33/M1
Shreyas B
Hb 9.9; WBC 10400, P67/L30/M3
Hb 10.2 WBC 7200/ P55/L41/M4
Raju N
Hb15.0 WBC12850. P76/L22/M1E1
Hb14.8 WBC 8100. P63/L34/M2/E1
Shreya C
Hb12.0 WBC 14500. P71/L23/M0/E6
Hb 12.0. WBC 7200. P60/L36/M4
Sufiya N
Hb12.1 WBC 12250. P58/L38/M1/E3
Hb12.8 WBC 11960 P53/L40/M0/E7
Suprabha B
Hb8.8 WBC 12200/ P76/L19/E5.
SPUTUM AFB +VE  Referred to Pediatrician
Shweta K
Hb11.9. WBC 17200/ P81/L19
Hb 11.4. WBC 8300/ P68/L31/M1
Swaroop J
Hb 11.5. WBC 39290/ P87/L13
Hb13.0 WBC 30340. P68/ L32

After 15 days: Hb 12.6. WBC 22400. P46/L53/M1
Sumaya R
Hb 8.6 WBC 17690/ P36/L63/M1
Hb 9.0. WBC 24450/  P83/L16/M1
After 20 days: Hb 9.2. WBC 11,700/ P61/L37/M2
Bhuvanesh B
Hb12.8 WBC 11900/ P75/L25
Hb12.9 WBC 7000/ P62/L38
Mohamadsad M
Hb 12.8 WBC 13280/ P54/L45/M1
Hb 12.5 WBC 8900 P67/L30/M3
Ayesha N
Hb11.9 WBC 14790. P76/L23/M1
Hb 12.5 WBC 6100/ P60/L39/M1
Vaishnavi T
Hb 9.9 WBC 9000 P77/L23
Hb 9.8 WBC 6900/ P65/L35
Vaishali K
Hb11.5 WBC 14500 P76/L24
Hb12.0 WBC 10100/ P61/L35/M4
Manjula B
Hb 13.1 WBC 16120/ P68/L30/M1/E1
Hb12.6 WBC 12030 P55/L48/M0/E7
Nidhi N
Hb12.4 WBC 12300/ P78/L22
Discontinued Rx
Sulochana D
Hb10.1; WBC 8320/ P71/L25/M1/E4
Hb 10.6 WBC 9000/ P64/L36
Tanmay P
Hb12.5 WBC 12540 P78/L22
Discontinued Rx
Vineet G
Hb 13.0 WBC 11200/ P72/L19/E9
Hb 13.4. WBC 6440/ P55/L40/M2/E3
Abubakar S
Hb 11.8 WBC 16180/ P71/L25/M1/E4
Hb12.4 WBC 10300/ P58/L39/M3
Priya B
Hb 12.7 WBC 13900/ P73/L26/E1
Hb 12.7 WBC 5800/ P59/L37/M2/E2
Dhanush K
Hb 13.0 WBC 14280/ P75/L25
Hb 13.0 WBC8100/ P60/L38/M2

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